The Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Education Foundation (SCMWEF) is the charitable umbrella under which Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association (SCMWA) conducts philanthropic work. SCMWEF exemplifies a commitment to excellence in winemaking; commitment to education; and fundraising for the future. The goal is to invest deeply in areas of children’s education and health research to create a positive impact in local communities.

Our foundation was launched at the beginning of 2017 to work with community-based organizations to provide resources and support to benefit educational and research programs in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties. The SCMWEF bridges the gap between existing SCMWA programs and the individuals who should benefit from them in the areas of education and research.

The Santa Cruz Mountains wine region is at the heart of technology and innovation. Our maverick winemakers pair well with the social innovators of the Silicon Valley, the reason we made the Silicon Valley Wine Auction our Foundation’s premier fundraising event.

Launched in 2015 as a collaboration between the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association and legacy beneficiary Silicon Valley Education Foundation, the Silicon Valley Wine Auction showcases the diversity of the valley – from a long and storied history in making local wine to social and business ethos that champions world class education. Now in its fourth successful year, the Silicon Valley Wine Auction has raised over $2.5M to support innovative programs, initiatives, and activities benefiting children in our community.

The 2018 beneficiaries of Silicon Valley Wine Auction are ALearn Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s Elevate [Math], a result-driven program to bring a new clarity and confidence to kids who’ve been drowning in math class; 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, a six-year program that gives academically talented students more than 300 hours a year of rigorous, lively STEM workshops and mentoring; Oxford Day Academy, a charter school for students who’ve fallen three or four grades behind in East Palo Alto schools; and The Krause Center for Innovation Merit Program, which offers teachers more exciting content, improved methods, and more creative ways to reach their students.