August 15, 2018: Summary of the Summer SCMWA Grower Meeting

The Summer Meeting brought focus to the insidious threat of mealybug infestation in our vineyards and the long term consequences to our vines and our wines. Dr. Sheena Sidhu an entomologist discussed the life cycle of this pest and the most effective control methods both chemical and biological. Sam Earnshaw of Hedgerows Unlimited presented timely information on creating successful beneficial insect habitat around the vineyard to enhance natural control of potential pests. Check in with for more information. David Goldfarb, Winegrower at Clos de la Tech, gave a tremendous presentation on his experience with combating vine mealybug using a variety of practices including insecticides, pheromones, cover crops and releasing predator insects. Attendees were encouraged to bring a wine they felt most reflected their terroir and/or winemaking style.

SCMWA wishes to express a special thank you Larry Schaadt, Regale Winery for generously hosting this meeting and to VASCM provided refreshments.