February 20, 2018: Summary of the Winter SCMWA Grower Meeting

The Winter Meeting coordinated with the University of Davis Viticulture and Enology department to promote their “On The Road” Series. The UC has launched this new program to take research into the field as not everyone can get to Davis for their wonderful regular seminars. The late Dr. Doug Goublar made one of his last public presentations and shared his vast knowledge on trunk disease and mildews. He included practical biological, physical and chemical treatment options. Dr. Dario Cantu followed with his current diagnostic and next generation research on trunk disease. He included information on prevention and early treatment options. Larry Bettiga, UCCE Viticulture Advisor to our region presented important data and biological information on mealybugs in our area. Dr. Anita Oberholster from UC Davis updated her latest findings on Red Blotch. The SCMWA Winegrowers hosted a side panel from SJB Ag-Nutri Australian agronomist Mark Bingham post meeting for growers interested in following up on the 2017 meeting.