Executive Directors Message – September 2013

Dear Members,

As many of you know my husband and I are expecting our first child in late October. I will be going on maternity leave, part-time, beginning September 28. I will be working (remotely) from home until the baby arrives.  I will slowly be phasing back into a more active role beginning sometime in late December or early January. While I am able, I plan to remain engaged in strategic conversations so that our learning’s from this year can inform greater success in the next.  I have already been working with the Board to ensure consistent delivery of high quality service to our members, partners and customers during my absence.

Implementation and management of upcoming events including the Professional Wine Tasting and Premier Cruz will be handled by Heather Hazen who is currently working for Beauregard on a part-time basis. Heather has extensive wine industry experience from working in marketing and event management in the Napa Valley. In the last year she has relocated home to Santa Cruz, and we are thrilled to have her assistance during this time.

Office administration and event support will be handled by Guadalupe Sanchez and she will continue to report to myself as well as Dave and Heather. Guadalupe has been a huge asset to the Association and has demonstrated that she is a quick learner and effective multi-tasker (critical skills for us!). We have the utmost confidence that she will be able to take direction from Heather for event support and handle any calls or current projects in the office.

Dave will be accessible to all of us and has been provided an internal timeline for the completion of 2013 projects that are underway. He will also be meeting with Heather and Guadalupe every Friday to ensure things are going as planned.

I take my role and responsibility as Executive Director very seriously and manage the Association as if it was my own business, which as you all well know takes dedication and hard work. I have been advised to embrace and cherish this upcoming event, which I will, but I also feel a strong commitment to the Association and its continued growth and success. Thank you all for the support and opportunity, and I look forward to wonderful things for the Association in 2014.


Megan Metz

Executive Director