Innovative Technique Uses Kites to Repel Unwanted Birds from Vineyards

Reposted from Wine Industry Advisor Network. Shared by Prudy Foxx. The practice of controlling nuisance birds in vineyards or other open spaces where they can wreak havoc to business is nothing new. In fact, companies have been attempting to address the problem for decades with repellants like gas cannons, reflective tape, crop netting and other […]

SCMWA 2017 Winter Grower Meeting Summary

The SCM Winegrowers Association kicked off the 2017 Winegrower Meeting Series with special guest and Australian agronomist Mark Bingham of SJB AG-Nutri. Mark led an entertaining as well as in depth discussion on nutrient demands of premium wine grapes in California and specifically the Santa Cruz Mountains ecosystem. The focus was on early season nutrient […]